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A beautifully illustrated map features new updated locations of turquoise mines of the Southwest. It gives insight into locations, as well as an example of what the material from that mine looks like. A must have map for collectors and those interested in the turquoise mines of the Southwest. Thanks to the Winfield family for putting together this wonderful map. Map will be ship in a long tube. These maps will be shipped Priority USPS.

This map is important in
today's turquoise industry. There is a great deal of misinformation about what is domestic (USA) turquoise and foreign turquoise. There are mass amounts of foreign turquoise being represented and sold as domestic turquoise, with much of this material being treated and highly stabilized. It has always been frowned upon by those that felt it was important to represent turquoise honestly for where it is from, if it is treated and that it is priced accordingly. All material has a place in the market, but it should be represented truthfuly! The cost into mining domestic turquoise is huge and that alone should be respected. It hurts all involved including the artists that purchase and present turquoise in their pieces of jewelry. Trust is what has built this cottage industry, and it is important for the consumer to be able to trust what they are purchasing.

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